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The Tale of a 4000 year old yarn! Label Anuneni’s Tussar collection has a strong connection to the rich ancient history of fabric in India. Our Tussar collection fits snugly into the description of organic, that makes it stand out with inherent sheen, texture and alluring range of natural colors. Our Wild Silk feels light on skin and gives a real exotic look. Every sar ee is exclusively designed, Inspired by mother nature for the women that you are.Empowering women through every process of creating this magnificent Tussar art.

We design every silk that enhance every women’s power soul.  

The journey of Handloom was ignited in me when I saw “ Maggam” for the first time in my life, in a very small village. I stood there, awe struck by the soothing and mesmerising Art of the weaving process. And it still amaze me. The urge and the passion to create handloom pieces kept growing in me. Hence in 2019,I found Label Anuneni , an exclusive brand for handloom silk in India. Started off with dupattas and sarees , and the Tremendous response from our clients kept us going(growing). Creating every piece of silk work triggered a surge of dopamine, the happy chemical in me. At the end of the day I realized I wouldn’t do anything else but this for the rest of my life.




Tussar silk-A Non-mulberry silks originated during the Indus Valley civilization period, and over 4000 years later continues to be as contemporary as it was back then.

Tussar is derived from special silkworms ,They feed on leaves other than those of the mulberry. the colour of the silk gained from the worms depends on the leaves the worms feed on and the climatic conditions of the region where the worms are being reared. Thus, Tussar silk is created only in a range of natural shades, from cream, off-white, honey brown and all following shades of brown. Tussar is sometimes called Wild Silk since it is reared in the wild.

Tussar is haute and with experimentation will transcend greater heights. What is humbling is that the much-coveted silk is a silken thread which bridges the continuity of civilization. Tussar remain a sophisticated and elite choice for many wearers of silk.

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Once you confirm your order it takes 25-28 days for our artisans to handcraft your dream saree to perfection!!

**Variations in colour tones are natural as each saree is uniquely crafted.